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Stallion Tombstones

8 sided Tombstone with Ball Locks

Stallion TMB10/10/48/HYD1200

Stallion TMB4/4/24





Stallion Tombstones


  • 4, 6, 8, 10, 12" square tombstones now available for your VMC
  • Precision machined or ground surface available
  • Guaranteed flatness and parallelism of .001 per 24 inches
  • Plain or Drilled/Tapped with locator bushings
  • All popular vise mounting patterns available
  • Faceplate made to your indexer specifications
  • Outboard support with precision bored bronze sleeve bearing
  • Outboard support made to your indexers centerheight


Why Choose a stallion braking system

Support Documents

  • Supplement Stock Brake System - up to 5 times clamping torque of stock rotary tables
  • Increase rigidity
  • Make larger parts w/o a large HMC